A warm welcome to my web page.

I hope you will enjoy my galleries and images that you will see.

My name is Sabina Blazic, I was born 1972 in Zagreb, where I live and create ;
Photography, artistic photography or paintings.

Clouds, sky, landscapes, birds, trees, and woods are my eternal inspiration. Luster, beautiful colors, the magnificence of nature and its constant changes make me feel enthusiasm and minority below infinity of blue sky and sometimes a sense of nostalgia and melancholy, because we are all just casual passengers walking this world.
The human’s “food” is of the earth and of the heaven. Man as an inseparable part of the nature, that is learning from nature, not vice versa. The earth gives him the material food, the sky gives him spiritual food. My priority is the inspiration of the sky, its beauty and infinity. Sky as a phenomenon, an allegoryof infinity, which includes and covers all, the transience, the transience of clouds and their constant changes that resembles of human constant change and traansience.
I will not go into depth explaining each photo or image, because human perception and vision are different, so for someone my photo will be only one transmission, to myself something I see or perceive, for someone will already mean some kind of message or point out some meaning. Everything is in the eye of the beholder, but so be it. For me personally, they almost always have a deeper meaning and a “story” that I wanted to convey.
And just that, to see, to “capture the beauty of” moment of the scene before my eyes, and be aware of it and completly present, it is my goal that I want to convey and show, at my photos.
In my paintings that combines the technique in most cases I’m presenting some of my feelings or something I would like to express.
Art and artistic expression is one of the most beautiful things that have enriched my life and I hope lives of others.
I had several solo and group exhibitions:

– 25.11. – 05.12. 2009, Library Ljerke SRAM, Savica – Exhibition of Sabine Blazic
– 26.4. – 21.5. 2010, “(In) Visible glow”, Vladimir Nazor Library, Gajnice
– 07.03. – 07.04. 2011, “Dreaming awake,” library Savica
– 06th to 12th October 2014, “Discoveries” – Exhibition of photographs, Zagreb City Council
– 09.02.- 07.03. 2015 ‘Catch the beauty – To capture beauty, “Savica library, exhibition of paintings and photos
– 17.3. 2016 1st Spring Salon HDLU- Gallery Sun – Exhibition
– 16.3. 2016 Easter exhibition HKLD in Praška Street in Zagreb –
Exhibition- Virtual, Internet exibition on Croatian association of artist Zagreb, 2016
/ https://likumzg.wordpress.com/sabina-blazic/

-06.02. 2017 – 23.02.2017 „Mythical dimension of the city and urban legends“ – photography exibition members of HDLU- Zagreb
-08.06.2017 – 23.06.2017 – group exibition of photography – Fotonaut 2017
-10.07.2017 – 27.07.2017 – „Zagreb summer art Salon 2017 – spaces of imagination“ –
Group exibition members of HDLU Zagreb