Most of all I am fascinated by the sky. “The sky is like an artistic canvas, every day a new masterpiece,” ……is my own thought that I often repeat, and try to convey to my photos.

Heaven as a phenomenon. allegory of infinity that all covers and all includes. The changes follow in the sky, from the crystal clear sky over the clouds and bubbles that are changing, its shape, formation, color,…. changes are that if we follow closely, we can see all around us, even in ourselves. Crystal clear sky like a feeling of lightness and happiness to us, cloudy, black sky like some heavy feelings and thoughts that are sometimes part of our life, the transience of clouds and their constant changes to our, human transience. The beauty of heaven is inexhaustible theme that is reflected every day in our lives, and at the same time, question of the mystery, of the beginning and the end, …which is likely to remain “open” like the sky itself.